Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

oil change on a car

If you’ve been wondering about the difference between synthetic oil vs. regular oil, the Fresno Acura service center has got you covered. Depending on which vehicle you use for your trips around Clovis, you may be using one of these types of oil. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Keep reading to learn about synthetic oil vs. regular oil, full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blends, and more! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! 

What is Conventional Oil?

What most Madera drivers think of as “regular” oil is actually called conventional oil. It is a petroleum based substance that has been used to lubricate internal combustion engines practically since their conception. It provides lubrication to internal parts, reducing engine wear and protecting your car’s engine from high temperatures. Crude oil mined from the ground is distilled into this motor oil.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is also made from petroleum, just like conventional oil, but chemical treatment allows it to provide enhanced lubrication and makes it more stable. Synthetic oils cost customers in Visalia more than conventional oils, but they oxidize less easily and are better at retaining protective properties. They also:

  • Are less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Offer enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protect critical turbocharger parts (when equipped)

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blends

In addition to comparing synthetic oil vs. conventional oil, you need to consider synthetic blends. Synthetic blends are blends of synthetic oil and conventional oil. This reduces cost and provides enhanced properties when compared to standard conventional oil.

What Oil do I Need?

Depending on your vehicle, you may require a particular type of oil. It’s important to note that some vehicles require full synthetic oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual or contact our service experts before you choose which oil to put in your vehicle. 

Get Your Oil Change at Fresno Acura!

If you don’t remember when you got your last oil change, schedule one with us today! The experts at our dealership in Fresno will happily perform one for you. Check our service specials to save money!


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