How to Reset Tire Pressure Light

Man checking air pressure and filling air in the tires of car

The purpose of your tire pressure light is to let you know if your tire pressure is too low, therefore creating an unsafe driving situation on Clovis and Madera roads. Once you correct the problem, you may have noticed that your tire pressure light is still on after filling tires. You likely have to reset your tire pressure light if it remains on after you’ve inflated your tires. Read on to learn some troubleshooting tips for resetting your Acura’s tire pressure light if you still have a flashing tire pressure light, or bring your vehicle to our Acura service center at Fresno Acura near Madera for Acura B1 or B2 service, which includes a tire inspection.

How to Fix Low Tire Pressure

Before you try fixing the light itself, knowing how to fix low tire pressure can save you time and energy and get you back on the road in no time. Keep the following points in mind:

  • One of the first ways you can measure tire pressure is by the temperature of the tire itself.
  • If a tire is cold then it will have a lower pressure while warmer tires will have a higher pressure. In the event of low tire pressure, you’ll want to refer to the owner’s manual or vehicle chassis to locate the correct tire pressure your vehicle needs.
  • You can always bring in your vehicle to your local dealership to refill your tires or even stop by your local gas station to fix your low tire pressure.
  • Even if the tire pressure is fine but the warning light is still on, you may still want to have it looked at and have your light reset.

Steps for Resetting Your Tire Pressure Light

When you properly inflate your tires, the tire pressure light usually goes off on its own. However, if you see that the TPMS light is still on, you can try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Take a drive on a Clovis area highway at or above 50 mph for 10 minutes to reset the sensor for your tire light. This can cause your sensor to reset the next time you turn on the car.
  • (Only for Older Acura Cars With Turn-Key Ignitions): Turn the key to the “On” position, but don’t start the car. Then, hold the TPMS light reset button, wait for the tire pressure light to blink three times, and then release it. After you start the car next, wait 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh itself. Check your Acura owner’s manual for help finding the button.
  • Try inflating all tires to 3 PSI over their recommended amount, and then completely deflate them. Include the spare tire as well, as it may have a sensor in it. Then, reinflate each tire to the recommended tire pressure to see if the tire pressure light is still on after refilling tires.
  • Finally, if all else fails and you haven’t visited our service center yet, try disconnecting the positive battery cable with a wrench (with the vehicle off, of course). Then, turn on the car and press the horn for approximately three seconds. This should discharge any power still stored in the vehicle. Afterward, reconnect the battery.

What Does a Flashing Tire Pressure Light Mean?

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on your Acura is critical to the safety of your vehicle, and it’s important to make sure it’s activated so you know when to fix your tire pressure. If tire pressure isn’t the issue, though, a flashing tire pressure light may indicate another issue. A flashing tire pressure light often means the battery needs replacing, as tire pressure sensors often use a battery. If this isn’t the issue, it could indicate a problem with one of the sensors. Regardless, it’s best to schedule a tire maintenance appointment at Fresno Acura if you’re not a car expert — we’ll check the tire pressure light and diagnose the problem to get you back on the Visalia roads safely.

Problems Caused by Low Tire Pressure

When you notice that your TPMS light is on, you don’t want to ignore the problem. Having under-inflated tires can lead to several serious issues when left unattended. Some of the problems caused by low tire pressure include:

  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Longer stopping time
  • A reduction in tread life
  • Decreased traction
  • Tire failure

Get Tire Pressure Help and Other Repairs at Fresno Acura

Unless you have a background in auto repair, diagnosing a TPMS light issue can be tricky. The simplest way to figure out and address the problem is to visit an Acura service and parts center. At Fresno Acura, we have the equipment and experience to quickly repair your vehicle and reset the tire pressure light and service coupons to help you save on your next visit. You can even learn more about the gas needed for Acura vehicleshow to clean car windshieldshow to wash a caror how you can stay connected with AcuraLink technologyCheck out more helpful guides for your luxury vehicle like how to enter your Acura radio code if it needs to be reset.  Contact us with any questions, or take a trip to our tire center near Visalia and Hanford!