Which Acura Vehicles Have AWD?

2020 Acura RDX
Looking for a luxury vehicle that gives you exceptional control on Fresno roads? There’s plenty of reasons to find new and used vehicles with Acura SH-AWD, a powerful technology featured on many Acura vehicles. You might be wondering, “What is Acura SH-AWD?” Fresno Acura covers both what it is and how to get this improved drivetrain in some of the brand’s most popular models!

What is Acura SH-AWD?

What exactly is SH-AWD? This stands for Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. This proprietary Acura system has been designed like normal AWD drivetrains to give you better handling in rough road conditions in Clovis , but it’s also programmed to do well on dry roads. If you get Acura MDX SH-AWD, the system:

  • Constantly analyzes wheel speed, lateral G-force, and other factors to shift power between the front and rear wheels. It also can shift different levels of power to the rear wheels individually.
  • Acura SH-AWD can send up to 90% of your power to the front wheels.
  • When you have to really accelerate, Acura SH-AWD can send up to 45% of power to your rear wheels.
  • On an Acura sedan, the Acura SH-AWD system enables 70% of effective torque that can be directed to the rear wheels for a seamless ride when handling rough curves and turns.

For sporty handling, Madera drivers have a lot to look forward to if they choose Acura TLX AWD.

Which Acura Vehicles Have AWD?

Want a sporty luxury sedan or a high-performance compact SUV?  You’ve got plenty of options for vehicle types if you want Acura SH-AWD:

  • Acura TLX: This sedan comes with an Acura TLX AWD system that boosts up to 70% of effective torque to the rear wheels. Combine AWD with the technology package and you’ll have an extraordinary vehicle.
  • Acura MDX: Choose one of the MDX trim packages with Acura SH-AWD and you’ll have an SUV that’s fun to drive. The Acura SH-AWD system in the MDX also works alongside its integrated dynamics system which comes with five different drive modes such as Sport, Snow, Comfort, Individual, and Normal for a personalized ride to accommodate your needs.
  • Acura RDX: This compact SUV delivers the goods while also having a great number of interior and exterior color options.
  • Acura NSX: Of course the flashy, sporty NSX comes with a super-efficient Acura Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. This can also be upgraded with a hybrid-electric Twin Motor Unit for even more control, traction, and efficiency on tough roads.

More About the Acura NSX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

As mentioned above, you might’ve noticed that the Acura NSX is a hybrid supercar. This vehicle also happens to boast AWD for increased traction and easier acceleration. Whereas most AWD systems are optimized to help you get better road holding capabilities (and this system is no exception), it also serves a dual purpose: making the Acura NSX performance even more impressive! Here’s how it works:

  • A Twin Motor Unit (TMU) pairs with the SH-AWD system to deliver torque instantly to each front wheel.
  • The SH-AWD system directs engine power to match weight distribution, available traction, driver input, and other conditions.
  • The SH-AWD system provides seamless power transitions and more agility, which is especially helpful when driving a sports car at the level of the new Acura NSX.

Experience Acura SH-AWD at Fresno Acura!

Whether you’re looking for high performance or luxurious amenities, vehicles like the Acura MDX SH-AWD are just the ticket! Fresno drivers can find Acura SH-AWD vehicles at Fresno Acura, where our service department can help your Acura operate at optimal performance! Contact us today to discover more!

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