Does Acura Require Premium Gas?

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Driving a new Acura vehicle on the Clovis roads allows you to indulge in incredible performance behind the wheel while also benefiting from exceptional fuel efficiency. With all that performance and fuel savings, you may be wondering, “Does Acura require premium gas?”

Many Acura models recommend that you use premium unleaded 91 octane fuel, while others require it. But, why do some Acura models require premium fuel? Today, our service experts at Fresno Acura will go over different Acura gas type recommendations and help you compare regular vs. premium fuel!

Do Acura Vehicles Require Premium Fuel? – Required vs. Recommended Acura Models

While we’ve gone over the question, “Does Acura require premium gas?”, it’s important that you understand the difference between Acura fuel types. Some Acura models require premium gas while others recommend it. Let’s take a look at some Acura models that require vs. recommended using premium fuel:

  • Acura ILX: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel recommended
  • Acura TLX: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel recommended
  • Acura Integra: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel recommended
  • Acura RDX: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel recommended
  • Acura MDX: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel recommended
  • Acura NSX: Premium unleaded 91-octane fuel required/Premium unleaded 93-octane recommended

What’s the Difference Between Recommended & Required?

Now that we’ve answered, “Does Acura require premium gas?”, what’s the difference between recommended and required Acura gas types? Recommended means that Acura recommends you use a minimum of 91-octane premium unleaded fuel. Using this recommended Acura fuel type will allow you to enjoy maximized performance and efficiency during your drives.

You can use regular fuel if premium is only recommended, but doing so may decrease your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. On the other hand, required means that you must use premium 91-octane unleaded fuel. Failure to use the required Acura fuel style could result in damage, and your vehicle may leave you stranded in Visalia.

Octane Ratings Explained

Many drivers think that premium fuel is only 91-octane, however, some areas have a 93-octane fuel as premium. But, what does that mean? If there is a higher octane level, then there is a lower risk of combustion that occurs when it’s not supposed to.

If combustion happens before it should, you’ll notice a knocking sound. As a result, using a higher octane level when it’s recommended decreases the likelihood of preignition and engine knocking. Depending on elevation and atmospheric pressure, the octane levels can vary between regular, midgrade, and premium fuel. Common octane ratings for each fuel type include:

  • Regular: 87 octane rating
  • Midgrade: 88 to 90 octane rating
  • Premium: 91 to 94 octane rating

Why Use Premium Gas?

If you decide to use regular fuel in a newer Acura model that recommends using premium fuel, the vehicle’s computer system is smart enough to prevent preignition and engine knocking. However, as we mentioned, using anything other than the recommended Acura gas type won’t allow your Acura vehicle to achieve its maximum performance. If your Acura states that premium fuel is required, you should only use premium fuel to avoid engine knocking, which could eventually result in engine damage.

Keep Your Acura Running in Top Shape at Fresno Acura

With the questions “Do Acura vehicles require premium fuel?” answered, you can trust our experts in Fresno to keep your vehicle running in top shape. If you have any questions or concerns such as how often to get an oil changehow to reset the tire pressure light, or any other service-related items, you can always reach out to our team for assistance.

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