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  1. Fresno Acura

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    • Sales: (866) 683-4297
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Looking To Finance Your Next Acura In The Central Valley?
Hello, I am Mike Carlin, Finance Director at Fresno Acura. I am here to help you take the next step in your car purchase process.

Fresno Acura is committed to helping you find the best financing that fits your needs while purchasing a New or Used vehicle.

Just click on "Credit Pre-Approval" above and get started today!
Please fill our our easy online credit application to get a speedy approval for an auto loan.
For any questions contact me any time at or 866-683-4297.

Call it MINE with Auto Financing from Fresno Acura

So you've decided on a new Acura or used car from Fresno Acura. Now, it's time to make it your own. To help, our certified car loan and Acura lease specialists are willing to crunch the numbers and renegotiate as many times as it takes to get you the auto financing terms and conditions you deserve. You. Not your neighbor. Not your business partner. You.

Our personalized approach helps to ensure you get terms that are flexible, tailored and workable. Additionally, we're committed to using straightforward language and engaging in transparent conversations, which any of our previous patrons will tell you makes the financing process a lot easier to swallow.

If you're ready to apply for a car loan or lease from Fresno Acura, contact our Finance Center online or by phone.  Alternatively, you can always drop by
7250  N Palm Avenue Fresno, California
during our regular business hours. To get a head start, you can begin the application process using our e-form.

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